HealthFirst Family Care Center began as a Model Cities Program in 1971 in response to a need for accessible medical and dental care expressed by residents.  The City of Fall River provided strong support for this program, and its name was subsequently changed to the Community Development Service Center.

The Center has served three generations of families.HealthFirst’s service area has grown over the past 37 years to include the Portuguese, Hispanic, Cambodian, African American and Brazilian Portuguese populations. Accordingly, our staff members reflect the various cultures we serve, ensuring easy access for all patients, regardless of language, income or cultural barriers to care. HealthFirst has always been a resource for people struggling through difficult times, whether unemployed, a single parent or a recent immigrant.  Federal assistance means you are assured of the highest quality care, and we will continue to greet anyone in need with open arms.

HealthFirst Family Care Center’s Board of Directors is comprised of a group of professionals who generously volunteer their time in support of our mission of service to the people of the Greater Fall River community.

Board Members
John T. Weldon, President
Carmen Aguilar, Vice President
Roger Cabral, Treasurer
Lisa Raiche, Secretary
Christine Burke
Marsha Jones
Kevin McNally
Michael Moran
Marin Vat
Julie Almond, CEO (ex-officio)

We invite you to contact us or call HFFCC at 508-679-8111 with any questions you may have.