A Federally Qualified Health Center

Our Annual Health Fair will be held at 387 Quarry Street, Fall River, MA.                                             

Here is a partial list of the organizations planning to participate.

  • People, Inc.
  • Senior Whole Health
  • United Healthcare
  • Face Scanner Senior Whole Health
  • Caregiver Homes Family Resource Center
  • Children’s Advocacy Center United Healthcare
  • WIC SouthCoast Van 
  • AdMeTech Samaritans
  • Navicare
  • Nonotuck Resource Associates
  • YMCA (DPP Program)
  • Family Resource Center
  • Samaritans
  • SouthCoast Van
  • SSTAR (Community Partners)
  • BMC Healthnet
  • Vitra Health
  • CFC (fuel assistance)
  • AdCare
  • SouthBay Community Resources

In addition, Southcoast Hospital’s van will be on-site for various health screenings, such as blood-pressure and cholesterol.  The Fair will also include demonstrations, screenings, and education for all participants. Patient Navigators from the Massachusetts HealthConnector will be on-site to help those trying to secure insurance coverage during the Open Enrollment period.

Refreshments will be provided and beautiful gift baskets donated by HealthFirst employees, vendors, and sponsors will be raffled off FREE of charge. Each participant will receive a raffle ticket for their participation.  An additional ticket can be earned by bringing in a non-perishable canned good. There will also be a coloring table for children as well.   Traditionally this has been a very popular event within the community and we encourage all our patients and friends to attend, as well as all those in the community.