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Patient Testimonials

Patient: Christine Phillips

Ms. Phillips praised Nurse Heather D. for going above and beyond her call of duty. Ms. Phillips went on to say when she was sick and could not leave the house, and Heather sent the police to her home for a well check. It was Heather that got the ball rolling for Ms. Phillips to receive the health care services she needed. Heather went as far as tracking down someone to go into Ms. Phillip’s home to care for her and offer her therapy. Ms. Phillips stated her belief that if it were not for Heather, she would not be alive today.

Ms. Phillips went on to say that Operators Lisa C. and Ashley S., as well as Kevin Harkins and Heather D., have given her reason to live. She came to HealthFirst because she did not have a choice and is not sorry she did. Ms. Phillips stated that when you go into HealthFirst, there are people from all nationalities and the front desk staff treats everyone with respect, and they are always smiling. Even Brian and Isabelle at Standard Pharmacy have been wonderful with Ms. Phillips.

Mrs. Phillips went on to say Kevin Harkins has been so wonderful, respectful, and caring. Kevin has done so much for Mrs. Phillips, and she is very grateful. The nurses are so professional and caring. The entire staff is very professional at HealthFirst. The staff members at HealthFirst are angels. Every single person who works at HealthFirst needs to know how important they are to the people they care for.

Great place and people. I have been going to this clinic in its many forms for over 45 years. I remember when it was on County St. and called Model City/Cities. ❤️❤️❤️

Love the service from our provider, James Hodson, N. P.

Excellent service and care by staff and Doctors here. Needed urgent appointment with Dentist and called them and doctor accommodated request happily and took care of my Dad. Really happy with the service provided.

Please keep up the good service HealthFirst Family Care!!

I called for a same day appointment. Receptionist told me to just come in as a walk-in because there was nothing available. Glad to say it was an in and out appointment for me. Love that I didn’t have to wait long to be seen for my kids.

Perfect treatment, they take good care of me and my family