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Telehealth Application Install Guide

This guide covers how to join Microsoft Teams for telemedicine sessions with your provider. Please note, there are sections covering how to join from your Windows computer, Mac/Apple computer, or any mobile device. Several frequently asked questions are included at the end of the guide for your assistance. Welcome to telemedicine at HealthFirst!

Using A Windows Computer
Open Your Session
In your email inbox, please click on the Teams invitation in your personal calendar at the time of your appointment. For best results, use Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your browser.

Join Your Session
You can connect with Teams through 1) through an app or 2) through the web. NOTE, if you are the administrator of your computer, then you can download and install the Microsoft Teams App Plug-in. However, if you are using a school or work computer, we suggest joining on the web instead.

If prompted to allow permissions to audio and video, select Allow.

Enter your name, ensure the video and mic radio buttons are toggled on, and select Join now.

Using A Mac Computer
Open & Join Your Session
On a Mac Teams can run through 1) the Web through Chrome or 2) through the app. Safari is not compatible and you will receive a notification as shown, if the session is not launched in Chrome.

Either download the application when prompted, or join from the web. If you choose to download the app, once you have clicked on your meeting link at the time of your session, select Join Meeting. Your provider will admit you from the lobby once he/she has joined.

Download The App

Using A Mobile Device
Prior to joining a meeting for the first time, download Microsoft Teams from the Apple Store or the Android Play Store. Once installed, you can close the app; as you will be joining as a “guest” directly from the email invite.

Join Your Session
Join the session by opening your email and selecting Join Microsoft Teams Meeting by clicking on the link.

Join the session as a Guest.

Select allow to permissions for audio and video when prompted.

Type your name and select Join as a Guest to continue into the session.

Your provider will admit you to the meeting when he/she is ready.

Once you have joined the session successfully, use the menu option on the screen to turn on your video and audio when ready.

FAQ & Troubleshooting
1. How do I change my in-person appointments to telehealth appointments?
We cannot change an in-person appointment to telehealth without the approval of your provider, as not all visit types can be done via telehealth. Give us a call at 508-679-8111, option 5 (medical) if you have any further questions.

2. Why haven’t I received the emailed link to my telemedicine appointment yet?
Patients may not receive a link to their appointment until the day prior to the scheduled appointment. Give us a call at 508-679-8111, option 5 (medical), if you still have not received your appointment link by 6pm the evening prior to your appointment. You will receive a reminder 24 hours and 1 hour after appointment.

3. Can a telemedicine appointment link be sent to more than one email address?
No, we can only utilize one email address for telehealth appointments. In a situation where the appointment is with a minor, but parent needs to consent, or if parents are separated and patient will be between two different locations for appointments, there are two options. One option is to create a new email address for telemedicine appointments that all parties have access to. The other option is to have one parent forward the telehealth link to the other.

4. Does Microsoft Teams have to be used for telemedicine appointments, or can the appointment be completed via a phone call?
Telehealth, by definition, happens over a secure televideo platform. While CMS and payer restrictions may have loosened during the COVID 19 pandemic and phone calls may be acceptable in an emergent/urgent situation only, patients and providers must now utilize the telehealth video platform.

5. Is Internet required for telemedicine appointments?
Yes, an Internet (ideally a secure connection) is required for telemedicine appointments.

6. Is a certain Internet Browser required for telemedicine appointments?
Google Chrome is the desired browser for telehealth appointments.

7. If I rescheduled my telemedicine appointment for a different time/date, will a new link be emailed?
Yes. Keep watching your email and give us a call at 508-679-8111, option 5 (Medical) if you still have not received your appointment link by 6pm the evening prior to your appointment.

8. I am trying to access Teams through a Macbook. Are Macbooks supported?
Yes! Chrome can be downloaded for Mac and the Teams link accessed through the web.

9. Why can’t I turn on my microphone or video while using the Teams Mobile App?
Go into your device permission settings and make sure your microphone and camera are both set to allow.

10. If I cannot download the app on your smartphone, then how can I join my session? 
You can join your session on the “web” from any computer.

11. When I downloaded the Teams app why is it asking me to sign in or create an  account?
Close the application and rejoin directly from the link in your email. It will allow you to join the session as a “guest” instead.

12. What should I do if I am being asked for a password to join the meeting?
Close out the Teams application and join the meeting directly from the link in your email. This will allow you to join the meeting as a “guest.”

13. What should I do if I received a message saying that video is disabled by administrator when I joined the call?
We recommend leaving the meeting and joining again. If the issue persists, please reinstall the program/application.