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The HealthFirst Opioid & Alcohol Recovery(OAR) Program is a structured office-based addiction and alcohol treatment and recovery program utilizing Suboxone, Naltrexone and Vivitrol medication for opioid, heroin and/or alcohol use disorders.  Patients in the OAR Program are also provided with individual, couples, family and/or group counseling to help patients maintain their recovery, as well as assisting their loved ones in understanding a substance use disorder and treatment.  The OAR Program is offered to both patients and non-patients of HealthFirst.  For those who become patients, the OAR team works collaboratively with our on-site providers to address medical, psychiatric and social barriers to sustained recovery.

Success Stories from the Opioid & Alcohol Recovery (OAR) Program

Addiction is to give up everything for one thing, recovery is to give up one thing for everything.